Start Spring on the Right Foot, Thanks To These 8 Organizing Pros

It’s that time of the year again, the weather is warming up, and though not officially recognized as a holiday, we’ve long been fond of using the arrival of spring as a marker to declutter our homes from the cold months of winter. After months of winter hibernation and brain fog, it can be difficult to know how or when to start. Don’t fret because TideeBox has got you covered whether you’re knee-deep in spring cleaning or it’s summer and you’re in need of some de-cluttering in order to have more time to kickback on the beach and indulge in some much needed self-care. We’ve rounded up our Top 8 organizing professionals to help you get things in order this spring or any other season:

TIDEE PRO TIP #1: Organize Cleaning Products & Tools

“Before you actually start your spring cleaning, edit and organize your cleaning products and tools. It will make your life A LOT easier if you know exactly what cleaning supplies you have and what you may need to get to complete the job. Then make a cleaning caddy with your essentials so you can easily carry them from room to room.”

-Organized Kind of Life, Melanie Schmidt @organizedkindoflife

TIDEE PRO TIP #2: Make a Cleaning List & Set Time to Clean

“Make a weekly cleaning list and never spend more than two hours of your time cleaning. Majority of people wait until the weekend to clean their home and it can often take a long time especially if you're the only volunteer. If you need to rotate what you do on your list to every other week or two weeks in order for it not to consume you're entire day, that's okay. Home cleaning is an on-gong process. As long as you're an active participant your house will stay in good shape.”

-The Feel Free Club, Melissa Harris @thefeelfreeclub

TIDEE PRO TIP #3: Use Cleaning Products with Natural Ingredients

“Since spring cleaning often involves using a lot of cleaning solutions to get your house spick and span, I suggest using products with all natural ingredients to reduce chemical exposure.”

-Organize to Live, Bre’anna Wilson @organizetolive


TIDEE PRO TIP #4: Clean Your Shelves & Use Shelf Liner

“There is no better time to clean out your kitchen and pantry than during spring. After taking everything out and discarding broken items or those you no longer need, wipe down the shelves, measure and cut shelf liner. It’s the best way to keep your shelves from chipping or getting scratched and they are also become super easy to clean. Shelf liner is one of my go to products to tackle the kitchen, pantry, laundry room and bathrooms. Try it, you’ll get hooked as well!”

- ReOrgit, Staci Ferber @reorgit

TIDEE PRO TIP #5: Put a New Spin on (Spring) Cleaning

“Try focusing on Spring Clearing instead of just cleaning. Having less stuff means less to clean, now and moving forward. Become besties with your magic eraser. These little guys are my go-to to remove marks from walls, tables, floors and even that annoying sticker residue on new picture frames. Use your vertical space for storage in the kitchen. Even the cleanest counters can look messy when they’re covered in stuff. Try using damage free hooks, clips and folders on the walls or the inner doors of your pantry. Less stuff out = less to dust and clean! Try using open baskets and bins in your pantry to catch spills and loose food. This makes for a cleaner look and easy clean-up.”

-Everything In Place, Professional Organizer & Owner Allison Weigensberg @EverythingInPlace

TIDEE PRO TIP #6: Start from Scratch

“When trying to ‘spring clean’ any closet, large or small, the best way to do so is to take everything out and start again from scratch! This will save you hours of sifting, searching and moving and it also allows you to see your space from an entirely new perspective. Don’t be afraid to make your problems ugly and toss what you haven’t touched in a year, or, in one full season.”

-Productivity with Purpose, Xenia Ferraro @productivity.with.purpose

TIDEE PRO TIP #7: Declutter expired makeup & skincare products

“Look for the expiration date. No expiration date? Use the code found on most beauty products (the "batch code") and type it into or to find out when it was manufactured!”

-Sophisticated Organization, Sophie Fritz @sophisticatedorganization

TIDEE PRO TIP #8: Invite Friends Over

“A very simple and effective tip to get you motivated with spring cleaning this year is one that I used myself recently: invite some friends over to your home. Last weekend, we had some friends over to hang out and play classic video games. There is nothing like the motivation of having people over to get your space in order! It works because it gives you a true deadline to tidy up, and then you get the added reward of hanging with friends in your newly peaceful space.”

-Outer Calm Organizing, Eric Saber @outercalm

Now you can thank us later since you have been schooled by the industry’s most organized professional.

Get ready to clean, sort, and organize your way to a safer and more relaxing home for increased focus and productivity. And don’t forget to treat yourself to a bouquet of fresh flowers on the coffee table to celebrate a job well done!