Welcome to Tidee Life!

Welcome to Tidee Life!

Hello! We’re so excited that you’re here, because that means that you’re a member of #TideeLifeTideeBox provides the tools to help you assign homes to all your belongings, and #TideeLife is an extension of that mission, a platform to connect and share.

If you’ve never experienced the thrill of seeing your clutter disappear, be prepared, as this is the quickest way to learn how to stay organized without losing your cool or yelling at a loved one.

We’ll share ideas on organizing your home you haven’t thought of yet, provide suggestions and tools on keeping things in their designated places to avoid clutter you won’t be able to live without and we'll help you take advantage of the great benefits having a tidy home affords you. 


We’ll be shining a spotlight on the people that make all this work: YOU. This isn’t just a place for you to come and learn things — we know we don’t have all the answers —  it’s a place where you can share your own ideas, tips and recommendations about how to make all of our lives a lot more manageable and put more goodness into the world.

Welcome and thank you for joining the Tidee Life Community!