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Life is about evolution. As our businesses and we as people change, so do the things we acquire. When our business grows, for example, so does our need for more infrastructure and space. If, for example, we have a child, we need a new level of organization for all the items that come with having a child. What it all boils down to in the end is having a system of organization that can grow as your business or life does.

Disorganization has a big effect on businesses and individuals. For example, disorganization, or a mess, can cause lots of stress and anxiety, according to an article from Psychology Today. Besides the obvious inability to find things when we need them, clutter and a poor system of organization can block creativity and productivity, make it harder to feel relaxed, draw attention away from the task at hand, instills doubt that we will never get things done, and overloads us with stimuli causing our brains to work overtime on things that are not needed or important. At the end of the day, a disorganized, messy, or cluttered work or home environment can mean lost productivity, lower morale, and a loss of money, especially for business

In our home lives, and especially in the business world, time is money. According to Business 2 Community, “A study conducted by Express Employment Professionals illustrates this point through data; out of 18,000 business leaders, 57% said they lose six working hours per week as a result of disorganization. Disorganized employees who earn $50,000 annually foster companies an additional $11,000 in lost time.” You can see how costs can quickly add up for businesses due to disorganization. It is not just businesses either. Imagine the time a family can get back and the money they can save when things aren’t wasted or thrown out because of disorganization.

Lucky for you, organization is what we do best! Tideebox is a unique subscription based organization model where we tailor organizational products to your specific organizational needs. We do this through our comprehensive needs assessment when you sign up. Then, each month like clockwork, we send you new and personalized organizational products we know will help declutter your life. By using our service, we promise to give you back your valuable time, increase morale, and increase your profit through simple, yet highly effective organizational tools.

Help is on the way from Tideebox!